SatGuide Enterprise Solutions

About SatGuide /SatNav Technologies

SatNav Technologies a Hyderabad based ISO 9001:2008 certified company is one of India’s early starters in the IT Products space. It offers a wide array of Products both Off-the-shelf as well as customizable, for both their B2B and the B2C markets. These GIS based products were developed and enhanced since the year 2000. SatNav has strategic alliances with the experts in the Industry and is consistently developing its market intelligence and approach. SatNav Technologies is now the market leader in the field of GPS Maps and Navigation.

SatGuide now provides GIS based enterprise solutions to the best MNCs and different leading web portals. From 2005, SatNav was recognized and awarded with IT innovation awards by NASSCOM, Microsoft, DataQuest, Redherring, GIS technologies etc.,

With major accomplishments under its hood, SatNav now offers a wide variety of enterprise location services to its B2B and B2C markets

SatGuide Maps

SatGuide maps have Cities with 35 lakh Points of Interest (POIs) arranged in various categories. Points of Interests include buildings, businesses, banks, hospitals, restaurants, etc. All the highways, road networks from north to south and east to west are mapped and covered in SatGuide’s one India map.

Our maps are robust and easy to read and follow. We are the pioneers in mapping and the leaders in India in the field of GPS Navigation. We have an extensive team that does survey every single day and we are spending crores of rupees to bring the best maps to our customers. We have an in-house team that compiles the data that has been collected on a day to day basis. Our goal is to provide map upgrades every quarter to our customers. We claim 90% accuracy on our maps. Our digital maps have enhancements like night or day options and are rich, accurate and have more coverage.

Web / Internet Portals

Location Mapper
Map the locations of your business branches/outlets/stores/dealers spread across the country. Any business with multiple locations can start using SatGuide Location Mapper in their online web portals. Location Mapper will give your customer a real time location on the map along with accurate driving directions to travel to reach your business location with an approximate distance in kilometers. This helps in diverting the web traffic to your physical location. SatGuide also offers a call center service to its customers, so that people visiting your location can use our call center to get the driving instructions.

SatGuide proudly offers first of its kind in India, a toll free number 1800 103 5656 to know the driving directions. SatGuide Location Mapper is turnkey web solution that gives your business a web presence, driving directions to your business from anywhere in the country and the search functionality to locate the nearest store.  It can be integrated easily into your web applicaton.

No need to redirect to our website; with simple and secure web services you can display the map on your website itself with few lines of code.

Advantages of SatGuide Location Mapper

  1. It can display multiple location or outlets on an interactive map of roadsofindia
  2. Locate and map the nearest branch of your business and calculate the distance between your businesses
  3. Avail the call center and facilitate the driving directions from any location to and fro from your business.
  4. Increase the customer satisfaction and knowledge by providing geographic data that can be used.
  5. Increase the online exposure and enhance the brand of your business.
  6. Get your store or business marked on all the SatGuide navigation devices we sell
  7. Get your business listed in the service offerings that can gain you leads from our in-house call center. 

Example : -

If you want to get your Business listed with us and get the benefits of Location mapper: Mail us at: or call us on 91 9849460351

Locate and Tracking Services

Vehicle tracking now becomes online!!!

  • Track your Sales force
  • Track your Vehicle/fleet
  • Track your Mobile phone and find the lost mobile
  • Track the assets

SatTracx is first of its kind in India; Tracking services at SatTracx start from as low as Rs 199

  • No additional hardware to be purchased
  • No hardware installation
  • Managed through Web
  • Hosted solution

SatTracx also provides readymade APIs that are connected to location tracking server, so that you can integrate the SatTracx services into your website

For more details on how it can be used; visit website and start tracking. Do not end up spending more than what is required.

If you want a customized solution or you are a B2B customer looking for location services in bulk: Mail us at: or call us on 91 9849460351

APIs for Location Based Applications

SatGuide launches a suite of open-ended APIs that allow businesses and other location based applications to use the map data acquired and patented by SatNav by conducting various field surveys.

This data can be used for enterprise level applications with a fraction of cost. All you require is an API key to access these web services
These APIs are handy for developers to program and integrate SatGuide Maps into the web applications. These easy-to-use APIs and web services generate dynamic maps, driving directions and help you in querying the location data at ease.

List of SatGuide APIs

Interactive Map API – Get interactive India map with an ability to switch on/off different layers based on the use. Get customized markers placed on the map for displaying locations. Control the map toolkit like zoom and drag features dynamically. Get the response for the map inputs dynamically. Map gets customized and becomes interactive as per your need.

Map Tiling API – Specify the latitude and longitude along with the zoom level you want to display for the map. View the map getting generated dynamically and getting embedded in the page.

Cell Tower API – Specify the Cell tower information and get the location information of the Cell tower present anywhere in India.

Geocoding API – Specify the address in the string format, and get the approximate value of latitude and longitude based on the availability of data.

Local Search API – Give us the latitude, longitude and the distance from that point in kilometers to get the nearest point of interest from various business categories (such as Restaurants, hotels, ATMs) available with satguide.

Reverse geocoding API – Give us the latitude and longitude and we dig into our database and we will give you the location information like (lakeshore towers, somajiguda, Hyderabad). We can customize and add your POIs with the latitude and longitude specified, so that tracking can be made easier.

If you want a customized solution or you are a B2B customer looking for API services in bulk: Mail us at: or call us on 91 9849460351