India Map For Garmin GPS Models

SatGuide map is now compatible for your Garmin device. These are the maps compiled by SatNav and you can use them on your Garmin device with out any issue.

SatGuide maps are compatible with popular Garmin GPS devices including the nuvi PND series.

As of now we covered 810 cities in India with 25 Lakh Point Of Interests. So your search for destination is simplified with this and you can navigate from Kashmir to Kanyakumari with great ease

We are the Pioneer of GPS Navigation in India and today, we are the Market Leader! We have been collecting and creating our maps, database and routing since 1999. These efforts have resulted in SatGuide having the best maps along with the largest database.

Compatible Garmin PND Models :

nüvi® 200 nüvi® 850 GPSMAP® 640
nüvi® 200W nüvi® 855 GPSMAP® 76CSx
nüvi® 205 nüvi® 880 GPSMAP® 76Cx
nüvi® 205W nüvi® 885T GVN 52
nüvi® 250 nüvifone™ G60 GVN 53
nüvi® 250W nüvi® 1200 iQue® 3000
nüvi® 255 nüvi® 1250 iQue® M4
nüvi® 255W nüvi® 1260T Oregon® 200
nüvi® 260 nüvi® 1300 Oregon® 300
nüvi® 260W nüvi® 1350 Oregon® 400c
nüvi® 265T nüvi® 1350T Oregon® 400i
nüvi® 265WT nüvi® 1370T Oregon® 400t
nüvi® 270 nüvi® 1390T Oregon® 450
nüvi® 275T nüvi® 1450 Oregon® 450t
nüvi® 285WT nüvi® 1490T Oregon® 550
nüvi® 350 nüvi® 1690 Oregon® 550t
nüvi® 360 nüvi® 5000 Rino® 520HCx
nüvi® 370 zumo® 665 Rino® 530HCx
nüvi® 465T aera™ 500 StreetPilot® 7200
nüvi® 500 Astro® StreetPilot® 7500
nüvi® 550 Colorado® 300 StreetPilot® c310
nüvi® 600 Colorado® 400c StreetPilot® c320
nüvi® 610 Colorado® 400i StreetPilot® c330
nüvi® 650 Colorado® 400t StreetPilot® c340
nüvi® 660 Dakota™ 20 StreetPilot®c510
nüvi® 670 Edge® 605 StreetPilot® c530
nüvi® 680 Edge® 705 StreetPilot® c550
nüvi® 750 eTrex Legend® HCx StreetPilot® c580
nüvi® 755T eTrex Legend® Cx StreetPilot® i2
nüvi® 760 eTrex Venture® Cx StreetPilot® i3
nüvi® 765T eTrex Vista® HCx StreetPilot® i5
nüvi® 770 eTrex Vista® Cx zumo® 220
nüvi® 775T GPSMAP® 60CSx zumo® 450
nüvi® 780 GPSMAP® 60Cx zumo® 550
nüvi® 785T GPSMAP® 620 zumo® 660

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