SatGuide software for Windows mobile phones

SatGuide software for Windows mobile phones
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If you do not want an independent device and are looking for a navigation solution that will work on your existing phone or your computer, SatGuide has a solution for you!

SatGuide software offers navigation solutions that will work on your phones and computers. The driving directions for all major cities in India are given by SatGuide with turn by turn instructions. We now offer V10 software which covers a huge number of cities of India with turn by turn directions and also has a detailed National / State Highway network included in a single map with several thousand points of Interest thus offering a huge value for money! SatGuide maps are easy to use and come with a huge number of POIs or Points of Interests which are ATMs, banks, hospitals, businesses, hotels, shopping malls and the like. Your smart phone – Windows or Symbian will convert into a navigation device as and when needed when you install SatGuide software. If you do not have an inbuilt GPS receiver on your phones, then you will have to buy the GPS Bluetooth Receiver along with the SatGuide Software and Maps. If you need your laptop to be converted to a navigation device, you will need to buy a GPS Bluetooth Receiver from us.

Please note: SatGuide software license is applicable only to the device that you are purchasing for. If you change your device, you will be charged for a new license.

SatGuide is compatible with all devices which have the following features;

  • The device should be based on windows mobile 2003/2003Se/5.0 to 6.5 Versions
  • The screen size of the device should be 240x320.
  • It should have an inbuilt GPS receiver or else you will need to make it GPS enabled by purchasing an external Bluetooth GPS Receiver.

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