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SatGuide Logger
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SatGuide Logger can be used as a Vehicle or a photo logger. When SatGuide logger functions as a vehicle logger, it captures information on date, time, latitude, longitude, altitude and velocity with its built-in Data Logger. It can store upto 130,000 individual data points for 364 Hours with 10 seconds logging period. Not only does it have a great storage capacity, SatGuide Logger can be customized to log GPS data based on elapsed time, distance and various speed settings to capture just the location information needed. The logged information can then be transferred to your PC or PDA simply via USB or Bluetooth using the included Log Manager software. The data can be exported directly to SatGuide City maps and hence provides the ability to view maps and satellite images, making it easy to view and overlay location information including position, speed, time, and heading. All the relevant information such as route followed, total number of stops with corresponding waiting time at a location can easily be identified and be kept as a record for later evaluation of the service rendered. Remote monitoring of speed and misuse of assets can also be kept under watch to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

SatGuide Logger functions as a photo logger too. When you take a trip, carry the logger along with you and your camera. Once you sync the time of your camera and logger, just click your photos away as usual keeping the logger with you. At the end of your trip, download a simple application on to your computer and load your photos as well as logger data. The application geo codes all your photos and displays them with the exact position on a map. You can store these for all future reference.

Usable as either a USB or Bluetooth GPS

  1. Stores 130,000 data points
  2. Configurable data logging settings
  3. Compatible with SatGuide Maps
  4. 13 hour battery life

Technical Information:

  1. SiRF Star III chip set
  2. 20 channel all-in-view tracking
  3. Built-in antenna
  4. V2.0, class 2 Bluetooth
  5. 13 hour (average) operation time
  6. 72 x 21 x 13.5 mm (including USB cap)

SatGuide Logger utilizes the SiRF Star III chip set for high performance and low power consumption. The rechargeable 1,100 mAh lithium battery ensures a minimum of 13 hours continuous use. Usable as either a USB or Bluetooth GPS, it provides the quality you want in a data logger with the versatility you need.

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