Dear Sir,

Greetings from SatNav, India’s Pioneer in GPS since 2005 and market leader today! SatNav offers a range of innovative products in the country, here is an interesting and FREE package that we have come up with, exclusively for your industry!

  • Free access to call our toll free number, recording and regular reporting of all feedback to your head office by our 16+ hr call center
  • Keep track of your vehicles’ discipline on the road, our 75,000 users across India will assist you if they see vehicles being misused!
  • Avoid rash driving, unapproved pickup and other problems by just affixing a small sticker on the rear window of the car (sample enclosed below)
  • Free SatTracx Locator software on all your employees and vendor smartphones, giving them Lost Mobile protection!
  • You can track those who install SatTracx in case of emergencies and pay per use only through major telecom operators
  • Free Turn by Turn navigation too on Nokia smart phones, more detailed maps and many more cities that what their handset has
  • Free dealer locator application for yourself or your partner companies with images, maps and any other allied services  

Do let us know if you would like to know more about the above services, no long sales cycles, no detailed business meetings, we close all deals over email or phone thus saving all parties time too! And if you do consider going for a full fledged personnel and asset tracker in future we will be happy to upgrade you at that time. Look forward to hearing from you! Write to us today on

 FREE Tracking & Safety Service: For your employees and company vehicles!

SatGuide Team