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  • SatGuide provides ONE INDIA integrated map of 2300+ cities
    • SatGuide maps are widely popular among consumers
    • 35 lakh POIs ramping to 50 lakhs
  • 10+ lakh Kms of road network with NH & SH
  • Millions of man-hours of effort over 10 years
  • Several million dollars invested till date
  • SatGuide maps offer 90%+ accuracy
  • SatGuide commits to 30 days map updation guarantee
  • SatGuide Citizen Mappers validate info from 100s of freelance contributors
  • In-house skilled team for map compilation resulting in quicker map upgrades
  • Strategic JV Partnership with AND-Netherlands to go to global markets

SatGuide Map database is very detailed, offers good Quality, is priced aggressively,
thus offering Value for money as affirmed by partners & customers.

Agra Bangalore
Chennai Goa
Jaipur Kolkata
Pune Ahmedabad
Calicut Delhi
Hyderabad Kochi
Mumbai Kanpur