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Spares and Services

SatGuide P360 Screen replacement
Rs.3,073.00 More
SatGuide C230 Screen replacement
Rs.2,353.00 More
SatGuide P350 Screen replacement
Rs.2,494.00 More
SatGuide P360 battery replacement
Rs.1,343.00 More
SatGuide C230 battery replacement
Rs.943.00 More
SatGuide P350 battery replacement
Rs.1,253.00 More
Stylus for P360
Rs.222.00 More
Stylus for C230
Rs.222.00 More
Stylus for P350
Rs.175.00 More

Spares and Service

We are reliable and provide full product support and guarantee. You can have a look at a range of spares that are available above in store. If you are not able to find the spares that you are looking for then you can email: and we will respond in 24 hrs or less.

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