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Introduction to our products

SatGuide products provide high-performance GPS Navigation solutions for a range of applications whether it is GPS for Car Navigation or for your Mobile Phone or your Computer. We have the widest range of Navigation products in India. We offer a device solely for navigation called Personal Navigation Device (PND) from Mio Technologies. But, if you would like a Windows Phone that converts into navigable device when required, we offer phones that will be shipped to you pre-loaded with SatGuide Software. For those who have a Win OS Pocket PC but do not have inbuilt GPS receiver in their Phone, we offer GPS Bluetooth Receiver along with the SatGuide Software and Maps. For those of you interested in a PDA with an inbuilt GPS with SatGuide software and Maps, we have world class PDAs from Mio, which will come to you preloaded with SatGuide software.

Please select the Navigation Product that suits your needs in order to become Navigation enabled.


SatGuide is compatible with all devices which have the following features;

  • Satguide is compatible with windows mobile 2003/2003Se/5.0 /6.1/6.5 or higher Versions. ( Touch Screen )
  • Satguide is compatible with the following Symbian OS based devices.
  • Broadly, the application works with all generic windows mobile devices. The compatible list given below is partial; many more devices are compatible to our navigation software. Please call our support center at +91 98494 60351 to ascertain compatibility of our software with your device.
  • The screen size of the device should be 240x320.
  • It should have an inbuilt GPS receiver or else you will need to make it GPS enabled by purchasing an external Bluetooth GPS Receiver.

Please click on the relevant brand of your phone to check if it is compatible with SatGuide and also to verify if it has inbuilt GPS

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