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Mapping Policy

Expectations from the present map database of turn-to-turn navigation in 628 cities of India. India is expanding day by day. Everyday, new flyovers are getting built, new shopping malls are sprouting, new businesses are coming up. The mapping team is very active in conducting surveys on a daily basis. SatNav Technologies has invested about crores in producing up to date maps for customers. We have released a map of 725 cities with 20 lakh POIs. Mapping entire India and presenting accurate data to customers with most current updates is our goal. Map Data: © 2005 All rights reserved. All rights reserved by SatNav Technologies Pvt. Ltd. No content of the map database may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior written permission of the SatNav Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Map database is subjected to accuracy levels as per global standards. SatNav is committed to update the map database to the best over a period of time.