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  1. If CD Autorun is deactivated on your computer, please explore the CD and click on SatGuide PC Version.exe and install.
  2. The application is then installed and SatGuide icon will appear on screen. Double click SatGuide icon to start the application.
  3. On the following screen, please click on 'Select Map' button.
  4. You will be prompted to register the map, please click ‘Yes’ and enter the following dummy license key and click OK.
    Dummy Key: 366ee-52000-15001-023c5-62604
  5. Your device id is displayed on screen, please mail your device id to and we will send the activation keys for SatGuide.
  6. For any support contact us at from 9:00 am to 5.45 pm on all 7 days / National Holidays

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Customer Speak

Extremely sorry for a late reply. I was not in station. I have installed the new version of maps on my navigator. Its working perfectly fine. Thanks a lot for all your kind support and co- operation. Extremely delighted with your service. Thank you.


Congratulations on a brilliant effort with version 10. Its user interface and ease of use is miles ahead of your competition (and your own older version). I tried your newest release on a Android tablet also and found value added features (weather, currency and messenger) very innovative.

I tried couple of non-descript lanes around this area and was very impressed that they existed in your maps. Overall I feel version-10 looks like a very well packed interface with good maps. User interface is easy and very intuitive.

Your team's hard work is demonstrated very clearly in this new version. I am sure this will appeal to masses. I absolutely always admire your rational pricing to help more and more people adapt navigation technology in India.

All the best and keep up the good work!

Rishi Kapoor

Team Satguide,

I bought and installed Satguide V10. But for some reason, could not get it to work.

Your support staff Mahindra and Krishna – especially Mahindra helped me in getting the new software to work with the Mio C230 device.

Appreciate his positive attitude, eagerness to help out and absolute professionalism. You have asset in your company by having such people as Mahindra in the team.

Shibu Anthony

Thank you for your swift & effective support. The phone is activated & working fine up to the expectations. Expecting many more futuristic solutions from SatGuide team in coming days.

Wishing you all the Success!

Anil K Chikkam

Thanks a lot. I received the device just now. Thank you once more for the prompt service and prompt reply.

B. Kamath

Hi Satnav team, Great job guys, really appreciate your Client Servicing. My device is working and I wish your team all the very best in your work.

Ajit Gandhi

Hi Satnav team, I used PND loaded with satnav one india maps to navigate to shirdi. Days before the trip i was really wondering how comfortable it would to travel to a unknown town, unknown state, that too thru roads that i had never known about. Heavily relying on the PND, we started the travel. Much too our excitement the maps were so supportive all along the travel. Our route was hyd-sholapur-tembhurni- ahmednagar -shirdi. All these routes were 100% supported by the maps. The best delight was traversing thru ahmednagar town without seeking any help from passerby. I felt as good as a localite of the town, navigating one ways, traffic signals with much ease Without waiting for a single moment. The maps smoothly connected us to the shirdi hiway. Anyways our hotel location @ shirdi was located by "pinch & save" of the location manually at maps. This helped us to reach the hotel ourselves. similar stories during the return journey too. From shani signapur to ahmednagar there is a scenic route, which localite advised not to take as the connection route is quite confusing. Brownie point to the maps here, this route is available. Enroute we could see few travellers getting confused at intersections & waiting for passerby help whereas we navigated comfortably. Same good experiences all along the return journey too. Overall i wud say the PND with maps made our journey more safe & enjoyable; we were able to save time. Great job satnav team! You ppl making the travel a much better experience! keep up the good work !

Subbia Natarajan

I really thank you people for the wonderful guidance. This was the best customer support I have experienced throught my life in India. Now the device is working fine. But only after reaching I can assure you how the map is updated. Thanks a lot Mr. Hari & Mr. Krishna

John Joseph

SatGuide is the best service and instrument i have experienced.


Recently i did a trip from Hyd to Kanyakumari. The total journey was 2867 kms. I used PND with Satguide maps and would like to share my experiences on the same.
  • Thanks to Satnav maps, almost during 85% of the travel we were on our own. Dint depends on passersby for directions. The maps were very helpful
  • I was navigating through cities like Trichy, Tuticorin, Madurai, Nagercoil, Dindigul where i found the Maps &, Turn by Turn directions were accurate. Good work on that.
  • Many good restaurants @ different districts were provided as POI in satnav maps, which helped us, reach in time to the venue, even at unknown routes / districts. Keep up the good work.
  • 75% of NH7 and NH45B are up to date on the maps. May be due to newly constructed stretches of NH roads, they weren't updated in the maps it seems. When travelling at those stretches, the maps would show as if the car is far away from the roads to calculate distance.
  • At Madurai, i was travelling from Maathuthavani Busstand to Kochadai, melakkal road. After Simmakal, the maps flashed an error message stating that, the destination cannot be reached by vehicle. Then i restarted the maps and fed the same destination and it worked.


Good product by the way – I am using it on my Garmin Pocket PC M5 for six months now ! Travelled almost 75 places around India with it – It was good at almost all cities but kind of didn’t work out when I was at Gangotri, Yamunotri etc …. In the Himalayas… But I didn’t really expect it to direct me on a mountain trek! Good products – thanks…


Thanks for the wonderful guidance. After installing Active Sync the device got detected and am downloading the map from the provided link. Hope that will fix my issues at the moment. Thanks a lot and its really true that the customer service in SatGuide is really good compared to others GPS services in the market.


Thanks Mr. Raja. Thanks for everything. This was the Best support I ever got from anyone. Now the device is working fine. In fact I called you yesterday to say thanks, immediately after I was successful installing the activation key. Hoping to get similar support from you all in future.

Dinesh Turme

Shalini, I appreciate you and satguide for quick response always. Also I would like to congratulate satguide for its prompt and quality customer service. This is what really makes us proud of being customers/users of the satguide. I wish all the best to satguide to be the leaders in navigation system.


This is what I would call best customer service. Hats off to your team for maintaining the same quality service in last 2-3 years. Many companies think that point of sale is where service ends. They should learn from SatNav. No one like competition can even compare to your service.


I would firstly like to thank everyone at your organization for their prompt service & assistance. I had ordered your maps for Garmin device not knowing how well they would work in India especially since our road network is not the best. To my surprise, I am extremely amazed at the accuracy of the product & also its vast database. There is a similar product in the market by a competitor that is 7 times more expensive than yours. But I am absolutely sure that that product would be no better than yours. Thank you once again, since you have brought back life into my device that has been lying unused for 4 years now.

Ajay Naik

I am writing this to share my experience on your customer support. Its one of the best that I have seen in India. Very professional and prompt. Keep up the good work.


Good to Excellent. I used the Satguide maps in a recent drive over South India, covering Coimbatore, Guruvayur, Parambikulam, Pollachi, Valparai, Ooty, and back to Bangalore via Mysore. The map led us straight to the hotel door in Coimbatore and Guruvayur, but there was some extra work (asking people around) to about 10 to 20% involved in the other places. All said, Satguide maps added a lot of confidence to the drive. The best part was it nicely took care of directing me on the right exit on many highway junctions where no signboards could be seen. Now that's what I call a driver's best friend. Keep it up and upgrade often.

Dr B V Vijay

Thank you fo your timey delivery. "Impressed" is the word for you guys. I am absolutely delighted with your commitment level. Let me tell you , I give you full marks for your timelines, packing and offcourse your quick response to us.

I am sure at Sparket we have a lot more to offer you in the near future.


I have got a GPS PND for my car from Thailand a week before and I was not sure if I can use India maps on it. I have tried a lot of ways to load India maps and make it work but all my efforts went in vain. I have tried calling the competition and they did not bother to give any kind of information whether their maps would be supported on my device or not. I also got SatGuide information from google and called them up. They were kind enough to tell that they could give it a try which lifted up my hopes.

I had been to SatGuide's office last weekend to find out if their maps would be compatible with my device. I have experienced the Best Customer Support here from the SatGuide Team especially Mr. Mahidhar from the sales team. They were so cooperative in providing support for the device that I never knew would work. Thanks a lot to the team.

The product is working great and I am really enjoying my rides now without being lost :-) .........


Lucknow map is very good and helped me immensely when I went for a family wedding

Aseem Kishore, Director, Assa Marketing

Thank you very much for your prompt support. I really feel that this is what sets Satnavtec apart from the others in the field. I am really proud to be your customer. Thanking you again for your support.

Ram Mohan P

"Really surprised and amazed at this quick response. Really appreciate it. Great Customer service !!"


"Guys, One word – Impressed, amazing service, great guys to talk & above all responsive & progressive solutions, I had a problem with my device & though it must be due to old maps( 2007), I ordered new map upgrade one online & got the cd delivered within 24 hrs – 1st stage of satisfaction , later in the day i got a mail from your a/c stating that my card has been charged twice by error & they have refunded excess – Surprise surprise, Usually these errors are found once we get credit card statement & there on its herculean task to set right errors. This was amazing & speaks loads of ethics. Lastly while discussing with your techie murali, We realized device may have had an error & he suggested to send device to Satnav for rectification, I promptly did & lo, I get a call next day from Murali confirming device has been rectified, latest software updated & same has been couriered back, I recvd device back perfectly working & thoroughly impressed. If all your actions are to offer excellent service/retain & grow customers, Then you are doing everything right, All the very best & congrats, Special thanks to Murali. Am surely going to recommend Satguide to my friends & collegues." Good Luck Guys.

Jay.Rao, Director – Strategies, Canon Group.

"I didn't expect a response on a Sunday and that too a prompt one. The customer service at satguide never fails to surprise me. You and your team have set extremely high standards for yourself.

Good luck!."

- Bhavesh

"Thank you, I have activated. I am really impressed with the quality of the customer service. Really professional and helpful."

- Abhijit Kulkarni

"I would like to thank you and your entire team for the launch of latest map containing 620 cities. Its really great to be a part of Satguide .Would like to mention the excellent services provided by SatGuide team. They always listen patiently to the feedback I give and solve the issues if any .Great work done. Looking forward for some more exciting news from your group."

- Naveen Saini

"SatGuide is very nice and reliable service. They have excellent service and queries are responded instantly.
Very good - keep it up!"

- Vijay Naik

"Thank you very much for the excellent and a very prompt support. The customer support remains unparalleled despite the growth of the company. I feel really honored to be associated with such a company as its customer. Frankly speaking, I have been experiencing this right from day one as your customer. SatGuide has really set an example and a benchmark for customer support."
Thanking you again, I remain gratefully yours...

- Ram Mohan. P

"I would like to express my appreciation for the dedication and hard work Murali (Customer Support Team) had demonstrated while following up my case. He is closing the case 3-4 days before the committed date and in addition he has kept me updated with the status of my case on frequent basis. It is employees like Murali who give reasons to “Why I like the services of SatNav."

- Manmeet

"I recently bought the SatGuide ONE INDIA maps for my Garmin Nuvi. I decided to take it for a test ride when I went to Mumbai from Pune a few days back. I was extremely happy and pleased with the experience. Between Pune to Mumbai, I used the "View Map" mode on the Garmin. To my surprise and delight, every single road enroute was correctly identified - including the upcoming intersection information.

Emboldened, on the trip back, I selected the "Go Home" - which in US and Canada would give you turn by turn instructions. Before I started driving, It showed Mumbai-Pune as one straight line. However, as soon as I started driving, it plotted the entire route including turn by turn instructions. What shook me even more with excitement was the fact that it even included advice on taking flyovers. In India where we spend crores of rupees on flyovers, but fail to spend that little extra on putting up signs, I found this EXTREMELY useful.

Thank you and great job!! "

- Abhijit

"None of your staff members have disappointed me. The culture at SatGuide is something no other Indian company can even dream of achieving. SatGuide is a benchmark in customer service."

- Firoze Mistry

"The present upgrade is a great improvement. The quality of the maps is much better than the competition. Your software is also much much better. If u include many parts of India with also the peripheries you would be the best. All the best in 2009 to bring much better software which your competition cannot stand up against!"

- Dr. Saravanakumar

"Thanks for your prompt response, rather surprised to see such support in wee hours. Hats off to SatGuide and its team who make wonders, and keep the customers amused. Thanks for the help and support."

- Rakesh Hada

"SatGuide is like Apple's answer to Microsoft - reliable, simple, user-friendly. Congratulations to you and your team who developed this software."

- Anurag Anand

"The recent updates have been excellent. I am much happier with this new update. Your team at SatGuide is going excellent job. Within a year’s time, your team has put in tremendous amount of difference to the maps in the updates. Very good TEAM SatGuide. My best wishes to the team in bringing a good product to the Indian market."

- Shibu Anthony

"Your support has helped me adopt the SatGuide GPS system smoothly. And now it’s my most trusted equipment in all my travels. I have done my first thousand kilometers using SatGuide and must say that it has been an excellent support tool. Not to mention the peace of mind it gives to know that I will never be lost again. The new map is excellent. Thank you. I look forward to, and wish you all the very best for all your future work."

- Shantanu

"I purchased the new model P552w and installed the Destinator navigation application. Both the phone and the application are a perfect match and made for each other.

The latest 256/128 MB phone works very fast and I am using in cities like Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai and the latest POI list is very helpful in finding the location. The accuracy is almost 100% on the navigation. Even the directions in the junctions are perfect. If you are driving a bike, just hook on the ear phone and set the destination point and blindly turn left and right as per the Destinator’s instructions. Believe me you need not see the map and you will reach the destination. Auto rickshaw drivers cannot cheat you.

I am very happy with the SatGuide - Destinator application and P552W ASUS phone."

- K.Murali Krishna

"I am extremely happy that I am using your software. It’s my pleasure complimenting you and your team – you have a wonderful team working with you. The best part about your team is that they are willing to take responsibility and finish the work quickly. It gives me immense satisfaction using your product and would like to recommend your product to anyone I come across."

- Deepak Bhargava

"Thanks. I am overwhelmed by the Customer service and I could not Stop myself replying.I have got response which I can call Customer Service. Kudos to your team! KEEP IT UP."

- Mohd.Yusuf Siddiqui

"SatNav is a really ingenious move towards providing GPS mapping facilities. Not only will it help commuters, it can be used to track vehicles and convoys, in traffic routing, as well as in designing ergonomically sound supply chains. SatNav can have the 1st mover advantage if it really keeps to the task."

- Amrendra

"Maps Feedback: presently used mostly in mumbai and is very helpful. I have also used on the outskirts of Mumbai and Maharashtra and it superb."

- Nainshad Daruwalla

"Thanks for your prompt mail and excellent support. I feel that SatNav Technologies really rocks when it comes to customer support. In fact after being a proud owner of the PND that I purchased from you nearly 9 months back, I have been recommending your products to many of my friends. This is necessarily due to the proactive nature of the customer support team. Keep up the good work. I was extremely happy to find that SatGuide has been bundled with ASUS-P750 which I purchased last week. It was a pleasant surprise for me since I thought of placing an order with you for the SatGuide software for P750 upon reaching home on the day of purchase. I sincerely hope for a long and a happy relationship with you and your team."

- Ram Mohan P

"I came across this wonderful product that is simply superb. I never have seen before such a thing that now helps me as a pilot while I am on move. I now plan my route very systematically and with the help of enhanced maps that this GPS navigator provides. Its large screen has great clarity also. I get all important visual as well as audio alerts while I am traveling. Indeed fantastic ‘utility software’! Go for it if you are an avid traveler."

- Kiran Billimoria

"I started using your product from Jan-08 & have been regularly in touch with your staff. In these 4 months, my experience with your team has been wonderful & I have been experiencing & enjoying the super fast transformation in your products & services offered by your esteemed group. With the introduction of SatGuide7 with HLG graphs, I feel you have gone far ahead in this field & setting standards & a benchmark for others."

- C.Srikanth

"Bangalore map is very accurate even in remote parts of the city. Voice guidance is very helpful and I am able to use headset while riding bike also. I have used One India map during my drive from Bangalore to Trivandrum and found very useful, especially in the night where you miss the signboards."

- John OJ

"For the last 2 months (i.e. since ONE INDIA) the way the team has improved their maps is truly unbelievable. The accuracy has improved the look and feel has improved and I believe the price too has improved.

I would now Full Heartedly recommend SatGuide to anyone who wishes to purchase it. May I also add that initially I had bought 2 external GPS receivers for my friend and myself and it worked seamlessly with both windows phones (KJAM and P3400). In fact it is sometimes better than internal GPS receivers since you can put the receiver anywhere in the car or your pocket and the phone can be elsewhere instead of baking in the sun. I however got myself an Asus P527 with an internal GPS receiver with SatGuide and it works beautifully. I have used other Maps but SatGuide is probably the easiest to use. Kudos guys.

Also I really appreciate the fact that Mr. Amit Prasad (Founder, MD & CEO, SatNav Technologies) takes personal interest. This will go a long way Sir."
Thank you

- K Thacker

"My colleagues and I were traveling by train and we were sleeping. My friend who had just woken up and he asked me – Where we were and which station was close by?
Like a flash, thought of SatGuide came in my mind & I switched it on. Like a magician’s device, I could see where we were, what speed the train was traveling, the route it was taking. I was able to approximate the distance and the ETA to the next station. We even had bets on accuracy of my calculations on arrival time at various stations and I won. The real enjoyment came when I told them - when we were passing over rivers & through level crossings where the roads on the map would cross our path. We were awestruck when the train passed through the Ahmedabad city and seeing the train pass through all the roads in the city map was really a fantastic sight. This was the first time in my life when I enjoyed seeing what’s passing on the outside of the train from inside the map. Lastly but not the least, when the roads in the map passed along our train, we could only remember the song from the movie “Aradhana” - “Mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu, Aayi rut mastaani kab aayegi tu, Beeti jaaye zindagaani kab aayegi tu, Chali aa, tu chali aa.............”
Best wishes to SatGuide for your future developments & products."

- C.Srikanth

"You guys continue to do good work. The responsiveness your organization shows every time I write to you is exemplary. It’s a pleasure to be your customer. "

- Probal

"In Delhi, I drove from Vashundra Ghaziabad to Badarpur Border. It’s a good experience again with this latest MAP, and then I started again for Hauz Khas. Again it works as an expert driver who knows every route in Delhi."

- Anil Kumar

"I recently received the C230 Mio GPS with the excellent support of your customer service I became one of the most relaxed drivers of Bangalore. The usual road blocks like construction, traffic jam, deviation or other situations that usually occur during driving, are now resolved by just taking any other route available. If everybody would have this service the roads would be used much more to our advantage! "

- Joep

"I would like to appreciate the excellent support provided to me during the installation and activation of the SatNav products (the software and the Bluetooth GPS receiver).”

- Apoorv

"I happen to go through your website and I am happy to find some one doing a right job. Practically I thought of doing some project in that line, even though, Indian Roads are not that marked as good as a USA or European roads. Anyway your effort must be appreciated and GPS is a must for any nation and for India."

- Rajarams.K, I R S.

"Good going – you guys would go in the history of Indian GPS Market... "

- Naveen Srinivasan,KPMG, UK

"I must commend you and your company for such a revolutionary effort in bringing navigation to Indian space. I am quite thrilled that the technology is now available in India!"

- Founder,

"SatNav Technologies works on cutting edge technologies which benefit people"

- Teja News

"The navigator has a lot of oomph"
- Leading business magazine Business Today
"I have found your product quite interesting"

- R. N. Mukhija, President (Operations) & Member of the Board, L&T Ltd.

"Hi SatNav, I am really excited to see this happening in India. You are really going to make a difference in how people navigate through the busy roads in India. This is an excellent effort......"

- Bhanu Pratap, Cognizant

"It's a wonderful job that you guys are doing... I was in Paris last month and I saw the Cabbies using GPS system to take me to my Hotel. I was thinking it might be sometime before I see such sophisticated things in India. Now I wonder if I am not keeping myself updated on India's progress. Good Job & Good Luck"

- Santosh

"Wonderful! With the improved roads and cars in India, driving direction will be a big hit for weekend travelers!!"

- Govind

"Excellent, as a regular traveler I am very pleased to see something of this kind. excellent once again keep it up"

- Karthik,Southern Group

"I am very happy to note that you have come out with this much needed software for our country"

- S Chandrashekhar

"I have gone through your website and your product. I think it is great and has a large potential"

- Shantharam S S

"I am a concept consultant and SATNAV and Destinator has been a lifesaver as I extensively travel and this software doesn't ever fail me."

- Ujjal

"I wish to Congratulate one and all in SatNav for providing this facility; I have recently purchased this product and I am really impressed with its performance and capabilities...."

- Arun Shanker

"I have used the navigation system in UK and I am fully aware of the advantages of this system. May I congratulate on bringing this system to India and the sooner you cover all the cities of India the better."

- Prashit Shah

"Thank you very much for your prompt support. I am really impressed with the product. It is really a great device for the road. Best wishes for all of you."

- Debabrata Dey

"Happy to know that our country is responding well to the techy demands. Good work friends. I am an NRI, who visit India for professional and business reasons as well as 'coming home', many times a year. I drive around a lot and find it really exciting. I think your product can help me a lot. I Cheers!!"

- Raj, Transatlgroup

"I am most satisfied with the data that you have provided and accuracy is quite good."

- Rakesh Noel

"The mumbai map seems pretty upgraded. It seems like proper GPSing. Thanks. Keep up the good work guys. Best wishes"

- Jinesh Patiala

"Thank you so much for your mail. I will wait for you to send me the new version of the map, thank you. I must say that SatGuide as a company has been excellent I am very satisfied with the way your support team has responded and communicated with me. You all can be proud to know that not only are you one of the pioneers of GPS technology in India, but you are also providing excellent after sales support to your customers. I have been almost an unofficial member of your sales team, singing SatGuide's praises to many of my colleagues, many of whom have purchased or will purchase from SatGuide soon. So your offer of a free upgrade whenever the new version of the Delhi map is released is only the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for the offer. I shall wait for the new version of the Delhi map and then avail it."

- Vishrut Seera

"I am using the updated Delhi map since one week now, and it's very good. All the errors are corrected. Roads are named. Flyover information is very good (yes dhaula kuan is mapped now). Also, more than half of the Greater noida expressway is mapped. Many more POIs marked. Overall, I guess its a very good update and one should go for it.."

- Gaurav

"Yes Gaurav, I also found the Delhi map very well updated. It has many residential localities also mapped (using it extensively in Gurgaon)."

- Sathya

"The best thing was the details the map has! It has detail roads of and place like Devlali, just amazing & that too accurate to meters. Well I am not exaggerating, I am writing this mail after a long drive throughout Nasik City & Devlali today evening. Wonderful Job indeed! I wait to see more cities in the list as well as more details. All the best to u n ur team."

- Sambit

Citizen Mapper

Inviting you to join “Citizen Mapper” scheme open for all registered members and customers!

Under this scheme, you get CASH BACK for every POI you find is missing or give any feedback on existing POIs, road network etc on our maps. For every point you accumulate, you get 50% value of points which can be utilized towards obtaining discount towards any purchase of SatGuide products. For example, if you have given us 1000 points, you will Rs. 500 that can be utilized towards any purchase of SatGuide products.

So, please take a minute, send us your feedback on what you don't find along your way in your city to and start accumulating Cash Back towards your next purchase! All comments on our maps, both bouquets and brickbats are all welcome!!

Happy Earning and happy Shopping!!

Congratulations Citizen Mapper Champions!

You have been selected as Citizen Mapper Champion for the most POIs/roads contributed by you for your city.

Customer Name City/State Name
Rajesh Bansal Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
Vivek Saxena Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
niju Padia Bhavnagar, Gujarat
Madhan Shanmugam Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
John Punnen Kottayam, Kerala
Pratap Srivastava Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Gururajkg KG Mysore, Karnataka
Sanket Patel Gujarat
Uma Sridhara Kakinada
Arun Kumar Mysore, Karnataka
Sai Krishna Guntur
Rajesh Naithani Dehra Dun
Deepak Mahajan Pathankot
Anand Agarwalla Ranchi
Rijeesh R Palakkad
Shakti Thakran Rohtak
Ankit Daga Raipur
Shailendra Tripathi Uttar Pradesh
Ambar Srivastava Varanasi
Kunal Tank Nashik
Nagabhushan Aithal Mangalore
Arvind Mahajan Chandigadh
Sani Prasad Kollam
Niraj Tanna Rajkot
Saibaba Pamidi Visakhapatnam
Kuldeep Singh Sondhi Chandigarh
Abhineshwar Tomar Haridwar
Bharathkumar Vijayarangan Pondicherry
Shailesh Jain Bhopal
Anoop Narayan Patna
Sagar Thakare Kolhapur
Dhruv Tandon Kanpur
Mahadev Gomare Latur
Hemendra Jain Udaipur, Rajasthan
Dr Rahul Sharad Doshi Sholapur, Maharashtra
sumit mittal Haryana
sandep reddy Karimnagar, AP
Pankaj Khemka Sirsa, Haryana
Mohan Srinivas Rajahmundry, AP
Yogesh Patil Maharashtra
vudatha rangarao Rajahmundry
pranab sharma Assam
sushil deshpande Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Arindam Dasgupta Kharagpur, West Bengal
Venugopal PC Salem, Tamilnadu
Vijay Jyoti Nasik, Maharastra
Zuber Ruwala Navsari, Gujarat
Debabrata Orissa
Navlesh Tiwari Assam
Yalamarthy Uday Krishna Vijayawada
SR Bhatia Manipur
Vivek Saxena Tamilnadu
Vinoth Kumar Pody
Akhter Saeed Deoband, Uttar Pradesh
Yamala Divakar Srikakulam, AP
Raju Cherian Kerala
S P Anthoni Swami Tanjaore, Tamilnadu
Edmond Fernandes Goa
nevil jokhi Vyara, Gujarat
Prasada Rao SV Visakhapatnam
Milind surve Aharashtra
Ashim Ojha Moradabad, Utter Pradesh
Sharath Shetty Karnataka
krishna Mohan tandon Kota, Rajasthan
krishna prasad Berhampur, Orissa
Balaji Arunkumar Tamil Nadu
Fida Hussain Tumkur, Karnataka
Ameya Balakrishna Prabhu Maharashtra
girvarsingh sukhmani Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Arun Singh Panchkula, Haryana
dinesh kumar Vellore
Michael raja Tamilnadu
raju setty Chamarajanagara, Karnataka
Shailesh Sahasrabudhe Panvel, Maharashtra
Vivek Thakur Sonepat, Haryana
kodakkal shivaprasad Shimoga, Karnataka
rohit chatrath Panchkula, Haryana
Stephen Das
Yashovardhan Gupta 
Milan Khira
Gursharan S. Bains
Yahya Khan
Maharajan Sankaran
Nitin K Dutta
John Sinha
Vimal Agarwal
Customer Name City/State Name
Prakash Patel Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Mohamed Hafeel Erode, Tamil Nadu
seetharamaraju Midathala Nalgonda
krishna Mohan tandon Kota, Rajasthan
penjuri kumar Kurnool
Tamilvanan Chandrakasan Mehsana, Gujrat
Mahir Muhammad Ali Malappuram, Kerala
Mansing Patil Karad, Satara
PV Krishna Reddy Anantapur
muralidhar r Madurai, Tamilnadu
laxmi kant Gorakhpur, Utter Pradesh,
TM Vinod Kumar Calicut, Kerala
Siddharth Gyaltsen Darjeeling, West Bengal
Selva Narayanan Chidambaram, Tamilnadu
sanjay goyal Bhawanigarh, Punjab
Siddharth Gyaltsen Darjeeling, West Bengal
Sunil Patodkar Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Radha krishna Padchuri Bellary, Karnataka
virinder goyal Gidderbaha, Punjab
Vasudev Pai Kannur, Kerala
Sameer Jain Dhule, Maharashtra
Suanlian Tombing Churachandpur, Manipur
soundara rajan ramasamy a Kovilpatti, Tamilnadu
harinder deep Jalandhar, Punjab
Jijo Yohannan Badlapur, Maharashtra
Ahamed Naveeth Erode, Tamilnadu
bidhu shekhar Dimapur, Nagaland
prasad naidu tv Chittoor, AP
rahul vardhamane Gulbarga, Karnataka
Samarendra Ghosh Durg, Chhattisgarh
Paresh Shah Ambernathe, Maharashtra
Arpit RoyChowdhury Hosur, TN
Rajat Agarwal Hapur, Up
Ravinesh khokher Gandhidham
Basant Nair Calicut, Kerala
Somu Sannagoudar Davangere, Karnataka
bidhu shekhar Dimapur, Nagaland
Shravan B Kumar Chittoor, AP
Amitsinh solanki Bardoli, Gujarat
Nitin Thacker Bhuj, Kachchh
Nilesh Chaudhari Baroda
Robert Lalmalsawma Aizawl, Mizoram
Utkarsh Jain Boisar, Maharashtra
Santosh Telang Chandrapur, Maharashtra
Swapnil Gawali Bhandara, Maharashtra
Raju Sheth Baroda, Gujarat
A. Rajaraman Bangalore
Abdul Karim Chisthi
Amrendra gupta
Ananthakrishnan N.
Arjun Komath
Ashish Khandelia Mumbai
Capt. Vibhooti Singh
Dr. Gururaj Mysore
Dr. Tapan Kumar Ghosh
Fabiola Jacob
Firoze Mistry Mumbai
Kunal Patel
M. A. M. Ansari
Mandeep Singh Sidhu
Munnavar Mehdi Vizag
Nagabhushan Mumbai
Nishant Kamble
R. Manjunath
Rajeev Shrivastava Delhi
Reju Jacob Mumbai
S. Raghavendra
S. Ramvikas
Srinivasa Rao G.
Subhash Narayanan
Subodh Vinayak Chindarkar Mumbai
Thiyagarajan P. R.
Vijay Kumar Delhi
Yashas Ballal Bangalore
Snehal Patel  
Lamlalmuong Ronald
Vinoth Kumar
Devendra Kumar  

Rajeev Nair
KC Junaize
Masood Khan
Arun Sinhal
Ajay Parikh
Udit Mittal

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